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1 Commentaire pour “Tout le monde à bord de l’Orford Express!

  1. Commentaire par Jesus

    Yes I remember those night’s very well,in fact the athuor of this piece,Ian Vargeson went to Hamonds I know him well and his brother Bim,lived in Beetley as I recall,saw Cream and Pink Floyd(a la Syd Barrett there(Tavern club),Cat Stevens,Small Faces,The Herd and many more,but Hendrix was superb,tripping out of his head,but bob on,and it was jam-packed for him,my favourite memory is of Ginger Baker breaking his muffler stick whilst doing Wer’e going wrong’ and withdrawing a spare from his boot without missing a beat.And yes I remember The Rubber Band,their opener was usually You don’t know like I know’ and thay did mainly Sam and Dave and other Stax stuff,good at it but had a small repertoire,well liked by many,although soul was not really my thing then.My favourite local band from those days was Eyes of Blond’,their rendition of Eight miles high was fantastic,halycon days.


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